Ideate is an EnterpriseWeb solution. The EnterpriseWeb team collectively has over sixty years experience working with Academic Research Organizations and Medical Centers around the world.

The Company formed with the mission to bring modern software solutions to the R&D arena, an important but underserved niche market.

Research can be characterized as the “Apex of Knowledge Work.” It involves complex human processes that often require inter-departmental, inter-organizational and international collaboration. Research processes have all the routine project management headaches, plus they are highly regulated – there are rules for virtually everything and they are subject to constant change. As a result, synchronizing activities across collaborators, compliance offices, and with sponsors is difficult.

EnterpriseWeb’s smart app platform was designed from the ground up to specifically address such challenges. It provides a fully dynamic system that optimizes human and system-based processes based on business context. The platform supports data-driven, policy-controlled applications that can recommend next best actions as well as enforce mandatory steps for compliance. It provides a user experience that is as flexible as possible and as structured as necessary. These properties make the Ideate research suite so responsive and adaptive.

While EnterpriseWeb’s approach was motivated by research, the EnterpriseWeb framework itself is a general platform for designing, running and managing smart apps and processes for dynamic business environments.

The EnterpriseWeb technology has won several prominent software awards and earned positive reviews from industry analysts. For more information about our company, team, or technology, please visit